Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a security system can be daunting, and choosing the right security company can be even more so. If your question isn’t answered or you feel you need more information, please contact us or call 1-208-534-3444. and we can help you further. Hours: Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. MT.

What is professional alarm monitoring?

Professional alarm monitoring is a service in which a monitoring center receives signals from your alarm and dispatches the police, an ambulance, or the fire department based on the signals received.

What happens if my alarm system detects an intrusion?

Melaleuca contracts with professional monitoring centers to provide 24/7 assistance. Once an alarm signal is received, our monitoring service contacts you to assess the situation. If you state there is an emergency or if they cannot reach you, they will dispatch the police, an ambulance, or the fire department depending on the signal received.

How fast will the dispatchers call me when the alarm goes off?

Melaleuca uses a monitoring service that contacts customers after an average of 8 seconds when the alarm signals are received.

Who monitors my system?

We have partnered with the best-trained monitoring centers that are staffed around the clock with friendly, capable dispatchers. These monitoring centers are TMA Five Diamond certified, UL certified, and ESA (Electronic Security Association) compliant.

Do I have to purchase one of the kits? My home needs more than what is in the kit. What should I do?

If one of our kits does not completely fit your needs, you can call 1-208-534-3444 and work with one of our experienced security specialists to get the perfect system for your needs.

I plan to use the pay-as-you-go plan. Do you run a credit check?

No. Unlike other alarm companies, Melaleuca Security does not have any credit score requirements. In fact, we do not even check your credit score or history.

Can I get a system if I am a renter?

Yes. Homeownership is not a requirement for Melaleuca Security. Unlike other alarm companies, Melaleuca Security can operate in any home, apartment, or business without restrictions.

Can I install a Melaleuca Security system in a business?

Yes. We currently protect a variety of small businesses such as medical/dental offices, flower shops, restaurants, and dog kennels all over North America.

Can Melaleuca Security monitor my current security system?

While is it possible to use existing equipment, each case is unique. Please call 1-208-534-3444 to see what options you may have.

Do I set this up myself?

These systems are remarkably simple to install and use. While everything is set up by you, we still set an appointment for one of our experts to test your equipment and ensure that your system is functioning properly.

What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm?

False alarms can happen. Should you have a false alarm, our monitoring center will contact you and ensure that you are safe. Once they have confirmation that everything is okay, they will cancel the dispatch.

Do I need a permit for my system?

Each state, city, county, and so on has different requirements. You will want to check with your local police department or city government to verify if you will need a permit for your system.

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