How it Works

Melaleuca delivers the latest technology in monitored security to ensure your home and family are protected 24/7. Whether you need police, fire, or medical professionals, no one delivers help faster than Melaleuca Security.


basic_1Activity is detected by a security device.

basic_2Loud siren on keypad sounds & a signal is sent to alert central station dispatchers.

basic_3Necessary local authorities are dispatched, while you and designated family or friends are notified.


interactive_4A GSM Cellular Communicator eliminates the need for a telephone, connecting your security system wirelessly to the monitoring center.

This also gives you secure wireless access to your security system functions and status through the internet at any time, or on your mobile web-enabled device. You can also get text or email message alert notifications about security issues.


video_5A unique security feature Melaleuca offers is the option for live recorded video monitoring of your home.

By choosing this option, you have full access for up to four live video feeds through any internet connection or web-enabled phone. You can configure when the cameras record video for review, and how you are alerted about potential problems.